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Mirzania, Foroogh and Salimikia, Iraj and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Marzban, Abdolrazagh and Firouzi, Amirmasoud and Nazarzadeh, Alireza and Aalaei, Javid (2023) Biological Activities of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Green Synthesized Using the Aqueous Extract of Dracocephalum kotschyi Boiss. Current drug discovery technologies..

Eskandarzadeh, Marzieh and Esmaeili, Akam and Nikbakht, Mohammad Reza and Hitotsuyanagi, Yukio and Shkryl, Yuri N and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Rezazadeh, Hassan and Khalilifard, Javad (2023) Genus Rubia: Therapeutic Effects and Toxicity: A Review. Herbal Medicines Journal.

Behnam, Salar and Kharazmkia, Ali and Khudair Khalaf, Amal and Adineh, Ahmad and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2023) Immune-enhancing activity of Astragalus maximus extract for inhibiting the Toxoplasma gondii infection: experimental research. Ann Med Surg (Lond).

Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Khudair Khalaf, Amal and Karbasian, Noushin and Masoori, Leila and Zareh Rajabi, Pouya and Saki, Mojgan and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2023) Promising effects of formononetin, a natural isoflavone derived from herbs, against Toxoplasma gondii. Journal of HerbMed Pharmacology.

Saedeghi, Hoda and Sadeghi, Nader and Raziani, Yosra and Annaiah Sridhar, Katta and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Nabi Moradi, Mohammad (2023) Ameliorating effects of Astragalus maximus methanolic extract on inflammation and oxidative stress in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Journal of HerbMed Pharmacology.

Valizadeh, Reza and Mohammadi, Hamidreza and Ghaffarian Bahraman, Ali and Mohammadi, Mohsen and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2023) Protective Effects of Cinnamon Bark Hydroalcoholic Extract on Inhibition of Isoniazid-Induced Liver Damage in Male Wistar Rats. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.

Raziani, Yosra and Shakib, Pegah and Marzieh Rashidipour, Pegah and Cheraghipour, Koroush and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2023) Green Synthesis, Characterization, and Antiparasitic Effects of Gold Nanoparticles against Echinococcus granulosus Protoscoleces. Trop Med Infect Dis.

Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Khudair Khalaf, Amal and Zareh Rajabi, Pouya and Karbasian, Nooshin and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2023) Leishmanicidal and immunomodulatory activities of the formononetin (a natural isoflavone) against Leishmania tropica. BMC Res Notes.

Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Ezzatkhah, Fatemeh and Shakibaie, Mojtaba and Mohammadi, Hamid Reza (2023) Antileishmanial, cellular mechanisms, and cytotoxic effects of green synthesized zinc nanoparticles alone and in combined with glucantime against Leishmania major infection. Biomed Pharmacother.

Arabnezhad, Mohammad-Reza and Haghani, Fatemeh and Ghaffarian-Bahraman, Ali and Mohammadi, Hamidreza and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2023) Involvement of Nrf2 signaling in lead-induced toxicity. Curr Med Chem.

Dastyar Haghigh, etareh and Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Khudair Khalaf, Amal and Adineh, Ahmad and Maleki, Ali Mohammad and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2023) Antiparasitic Effects and Cellular Mechanisms of Formononetin (a Natural Isoflavone) Against Hydatid Cyst Protoscoleces. Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products.

Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Fazeli Moghadam, Ezatollah and Golmohammadi, Hazhir and Dastyarhaghighi, Setareh and Ghoulami, Mehrdad and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2023) Effect of Oral Administration of Astragalus ecbatanus Chloroform Extract on Acute and Chronic Pain in Balb/C Mice. Research Journal of Pharmacognosy.

Raziani, Yosra and Cheraghipour, Koroush and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2023) High potency of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles covered by piroctone olamine against cystic echinococcosis. Biomed Pharmacother ..

Kharazmkia, Ali and Hiba Riyadh Al-Abodi, Javad and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Vahidi, Ashkan and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2022) Potential effects of alpha-pinene, a monoterpene commonly found in essential oils against Toxoplasma gondii infection; an in vitro and in vivo study. J Parasit Dis.

Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Riyadh Al-Abodi, Hiba and Zolfagharkhani, Peyman and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad (2022) Anti-helminthic effects and cellular mechanisms of Astragalus ecbatanus extract against Echinococcus granulosus protoscoleces. Journal of Parasitic Diseases.

Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Khudair Khalaf, Amal and Saadatmand, Massumeh and Mahmoudvand, Hossein (2022) Antiparasitic activity of Astragalus brachycalyx subsp.brachycalyx extract against hydatid cyst protoscoleces and itseffect on induction of apoptosis: an in vitro and ex vivo study. Journal of HerbMed Pharmacology.

Javadi, Anis and Nikhbakht, Mohammad Reza and Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Rustamzadeh, Auob and Mohammadi, Mohsen and Shirazinejad, Alireza and Azadbakht, Saleh and Abdi, Zahra (2022) In-vivo and in vitro assessments of the radioprotective potential natural and chemical compounds: A review. Int J Radiat Biol.

Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Khalilifard, Javad and Dehghan, Fatemeh and Haghighatian, Zahra and Rashidipour, Marzieh and Mohammadi, Hamidreza and Adineh*, Ahmad (2022) Investigating the effect of Satureja Khusestanica essential oil on chlorpyrifos-induced spleen toxicity in male Wistar rats. Yafteh, 24 (2).

Ghasemian Yadegari, Javad and Mohammadi*, Hamid reza and Heidari, Golsa and Adineh, Ahmad and Ghanadi, Korosh and Ghaffarian Bahraman, Ali and Mohammadian, Mehrnoosh and Dastjerdi, Amirmohammad and Saremi, Zahra (2022) Investigating the protective effects of cinnamon bark hydroalcoholic extract on the inhibition of liver damage induced by rifampin in male Wistar rats. Yafteh, 24 (3).

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