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Abedzadeh, Somayeh and Ghazalian*, Farshad and Abednazari, Hossin and Hojatolah, Nikbakht and Mandana, Gholami The effect of 12 weeks of aerobic exercise on NT-proBNP in women with hypertension. Yafteh, 21 (3). p. 2019.

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Armanfar*, Mohamad Sadegh and Rajabi, Reza and SHahrbanian, SHahnaz and Alizadeh, Mohamad Hossin (2020) Determination of Functional Movement Screening Scores (FMS) in 15-17 Year-Old Male Students in Lorestan Province. Yafteh, 22 (1).

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Dariushnejad, Hassan and Pirzeh, Lale and Roshanravan, Neda and Ghorbanzadeh, Vajihe (2023) Corrigendum to: "Sodium butyrate and voluntary exercise through activating VEGF-A downstream signaling pathway improve heart angiogenesis in type 2 diabetes" is as follows: 48A, Auf dem Mühlberg, 60599 Frankfurt am Main [Microvasc. Res. Volume 147, May 2023, 104475]. Microvasc Res.

Dariushnejad, Hassan and Pirzeh, Lale and Roshanravan, Neda and Ghorbanzadeh, Vajihe (2023) Sodium butyrate and voluntary exercise through activating VEGF-A downstream signaling pathway improve heart angiogenesis in type 2 diabetes. Microvasc Res.

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Eslami, Zahra and Mohammad nezhad panah kandi, Yahya and Ghaderi, Mahbano and Eghbal Moghanlou, Abdolreza and Sharifian, Shohreh and Beyshami, Ghaysar and Mirghani*, Seyed Javad (2023) The effect of endurance training combined with adenosine on the gene expression of UCP-1 and MAPK p38 in subcutaneous adipose tissue of male Wistar rats fed a high -fat diet. Yafteh, 25 (3).


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Monazami, Aamir Hoshang and Etemad, Zaher and Nazari, Afshin and Mohammadi, Mohsen (2020) Effect of endurance training with cinnamon bark extract on antioxidant activity levels and cardiac index in streptozotocin- (STZ) induced DM male rats. Yafteh, 22 (3).

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Sarlak, Zeynab and Eidi, Akram and Ghorbanzadeh, Vajihe and Moghaddas, Mehrnoush and Mortazavi, Pejman (2023) miR-34a/SIRT1/HIF-1α axis is involved in cardiac angiogenesis of type 2 diabetic rats: The protective effect of sodium butyrate combined with treadmill exercise. Biofactors.

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Shahavand, hojat allah and Hosseinpour Delavar*, sedighe and Behpur, naser and Safikhani, hasan and Azizi, masomeh (2021) Effect of one course of aerobic exercise on the gene expression of angiopoietin-1 (ANGPT-1) and cardiac tissue oxidative status (TOS) in diabetic rats. Yafteh, 22 (4).

Shahsavari, Mahasti and Hassanzadeh*, Saeed and Afrooz, Gholamali and Ebrahimzadeh, farzad (2022) Developmental Screening: An Investigation of the Effects of Preterm Birth and Birth Weight on Delays in the Improvement of Communication, Motor, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional Skills in Children Using Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ3TM). Yafteh, 24 (24).

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