High adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions using leaf-shaped ZIF-8

Alinejad, Abdolazim and Sadeghi, Shahram and Ghaderpoori, Mansour and Sahebi, Soleyman and Ghaderpoury, Afshin and Mohammadi, Ali Akbar (2019) High adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions using leaf-shaped ZIF-8. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY.


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Dyesareoneofthemostimportantenvironmentalpollutantsthathave a signi ficant impact on the environment, especially water resources. Dyes are toxic compounds that have severe e ffects on the environment.Methylenebluedye(MBD)causesproblemslikenausea,profuse sweating, vomiting, mental confusion, and methemoglobinemia. In this study, ZIF-8 with leaf-shaped morphology was used for MBD adsorption. All experiments were performed in batch conditions. The Leaf-shapedZIF-8isobtainedatthemolarratioof2-methylimidazole/ Zn = 8. The prepared leaf-shaped ZIF-8 was white powder. The assynthesisadsorbentisintheformoftheleavesofatree.Thethickness ofLeaf-shapedZIF-8isabout6–98nm.Alkalineconditionsweremuch more favourable than acidic to MBD adsorption. By increasing the dosageofLeaf-shapedZIF-8,MBDadsorptionincreaseduntilreaching an equilibrium dose at 0.5 g/L. the kinetic model of pseudo-first-order and the isotherm model of Langmuir have the highest coefficient of determination(R-square).BasedontheLangmuirmodel,themaximum capacityofMBDadsorptionontheLeaf-shapedZIF-8was205mg/g.In thisstudy,theRL waslessthanonewhichindicatesMBDadsorptionis favourable.Also,basedontheFreundlichmodel,1/nwas0.26,favourable adsorption condition was favourable.

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