Stem cell therapies for congenital heart disease

Ghafarzadeh, Masoumeh and Namdari, Mehrdad and Eatemadi, Ali (2016) Stem cell therapies for congenital heart disease. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 84. pp. 1163-1171.


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Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most prevalent congenital anomaly in newborn babies. Cardiac malformations have been induced in different animal model experiments, by perturbing some molecules that take part in the developmental pathways associated with myocyte differentiation, specification, or cardiac morphogenesis. The exact epigenetic, environmental, or genetic, basis for these molecules perturbations is yet to be understood. But, scientist have bridged this gap by introducing autologous stem cell into the defective hearts to treat CHD. The choice of stem cells to use has also raised an issue. In this review, we explore different stem cells that have been recently used, as an update into the pool of this knowledge and we suggested the future perspective into the choice of stem cells to control this disease. We propose that isolating mesenchymal stem cells from neonate will give a robust heart regeneration as compared to adults. This source are easily isolated. To unveil stem cell therapy beyond its possibility and safety, further study is required, including largescale randomized, and clinical trials to certify the efficacy of stem cell therapy

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