The role of cholesterol 25-hydroxylase in viral infections: Mechanisms and implications

Yousefi, Parastoo and Gholami, Ali and Mehrjo, Mohsen and Razizadeh, Mohammad Hossein (2023) The role of cholesterol 25-hydroxylase in viral infections: Mechanisms and implications. Pathol Res Pract.

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Viral infections pose significant threats to human health, causing various diseases with varying severity. The intricate interactions between viruses and host cells determine the outcome of infection, including viral replication, immune responses, and disease progression. Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase (CH25H) is an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of cholesterol to 25-hydroxycholesterol (25HC), a potent antiviral molecule. In recent years, increasing evidence has highlighted the critical involvement of CH25H in modulating immune responses and influencing viral infections. Notably, the review discusses the implications of CH25H in viral pathogenesis and the development of therapeutic strategies. It examines the interplay between CH25H and viral immune evasion mechanisms, highlighting the potential of viral antagonism of CH25H to enhance viral replication and pathogenesis. Furthermore, it explores the therapeutic potential of targeting CH25H or modulating its downstream signaling pathways as a strategy to control viral infections and enhance antiviral immune responses. This comprehensive review demonstrates the crucial role of CH25H in viral infections, shedding light on its mechanisms of action in viral entry, replication, and immune modulation. Understanding the complex interplay between CH25H and viral infections may pave the way for novel therapeutic approaches and the development of antiviral strategies aimed at exploiting the antiviral properties of CH25H and enhancing host immune responses against viral pathogens. In the current review, we tried to provide an overview of the antiviral activity and importance of CH25H in viral pathogenesis.

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