Iranian herbal medicines against hydatid ‎cyst protoscoleces: A Systematic Review

Salimikia, Iraj and Hakami ‎, Marzieh and Shahmoradi ‎, Mohammad Kazem (2020) Iranian herbal medicines against hydatid ‎cyst protoscoleces: A Systematic Review. Infect Disord Drug Targets.

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Background: In recent years, more attention has been focused in the practice of both ‎crude extract of medicinal plants, and the screening plant-derived compounds as ‎substitute scolicidal agents during hydatid cyst surgery. The present study was designed ‎to review the protoscolicidal effects of some Iranian herbal medicines against hydatid cyst ‎protoscoleces.‎ Methods: English databases, including PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, EBSCO, ‎Science Direct, and Scopus were searched for publications worldwide related to ‎protoscolicidal effects of Iranian herbal medicines without date limitation so that identify ‎all published articles (in vitro, in vivo, clinical and case-control) have studied. Keywords ‎included "Protoscolicidal", "Scolicidal", "Herbal medicines", "Extract", "Essential oil", ‎‎"Plant", "In vitro", and "Iran". Moreover, the language of data collection was limited to ‎English.‎ Results: In total, 40 papers up to 2020 were included in the present systematic review. ‎The most studies were conducted on protoscolicidal activity of methanolic extracts (17 ‎studies) followed by essential oils (15 studies), and aqueous extract (3 studies). The most ‎commonly used part of herbs were leaves (21 herbs), seeds (8 herbs), and fruit (6 herbs), ‎respectively. Moreover, the most prevalent herbal family was Lamiaceae (6 studies), ‎followed by Apiaceae (5 studies) and Liliaceae (5 studies).‎ Conclusion: Considering the high efficacy of Iranian herbal medicines against hydatid ‎cyst protoscoleces, it can be concluded that Iranian herbal medicines have ability to ‎consider as new alternative protoscolicidal agents during hydatid cyst surgery; however, ‎more clinical studies are required to discover the precise protoscolicida activity of Iranian ‎medicines in animal and human subjects.‎ Keywords: Cystic echinococcosis; hydatidosis; medicinal plant; natural product; scolicidal.‎

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