Phytotherapy for wound healing: The most ‎important herbal plants in wound healing ‎based on Iranian etnobotanical documents.‎

Solati, K and Karimi, M and Abbaszadeh, S and Abbasi, N (2020) Phytotherapy for wound healing: The most ‎important herbal plants in wound healing ‎based on Iranian etnobotanical documents.‎. Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry.

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Wound healing is a process which starts with inflammatory response after damage occurrence. ‎This process happens by restoring the wound surface coating tissue, migrating fibroblasts to ‎form the needed collagen, forming a healing tissue and finally contortion and extraction of the ‎wound. Today, various drugs are used to heal the wound. However, the used drugs to repair ‎wounds have some defects and side effects. In spite of all attempts to accelerate wound healing ‎definitely, no safe drug has been introduced for this purpose. Therefore, the necessity of ‎identifying herbal plants in ethnopharmacology and ethnobotany documents with healing effect is ‎felt essential. In this article we tried to review and present Iranian effective medicinal plants and ‎herbal compounds used for wound healing. Searching was performed on databases including ISI ‎Web of Science, PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, ISC, SID, Magiran and some other ‎databases. The keywords used included wound healing, skin treatment, medicinal plants, ‎ethnobotany, and phytotherapy. In this regard, 139 effective medicinal plants on wound healing ‎were identified based on ethnopharmacology and ethnobotanical sources of Iran. Medicinal ‎plants such as Salvia officinalis, Echium amoenum, Verbascum spp., G1ycyrrhiza glabra, ‎Medicago sativa, Mentha pulegium, Datura stramonium L., Alhagi spp., Aloe vera, Hypericum ‎perforatum, Pistacia atlantica and Prosopis cineraria were the most important and effective ‎medicinal plants on wound healing in Iran. These native Iranian medicinal plants are full of ‎antioxidants and biological compounds and might be used for wound healing and preparation of ‎new drugs.‎

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