Frequency of Pathological Types of ‎Hyperthyroidism in Thyroid Scan Patients

Pooria, Ali and Pourya ‎, Afsoun and Gheini, Alireza (2020) Frequency of Pathological Types of ‎Hyperthyroidism in Thyroid Scan Patients. Curr Med Imaging.

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Background: Hyperthyroidism is a common systemic disorder where Graves' disease is ‎known as the leading cause of the disease. Thyroid stimulating hormone, T4 and T3 ‎antibody assay are usually performed for the diagnosis of the pathology. However, with ‎uncertainty in the results and in order to estimate the magnitude and the exact cause of ‎the disease, radioactive iodine uptake (RAIU) test is recommended. The aim of this study is ‎to evaluate underlying pathology in the patients presenting hyperthyroidism using RAIU ‎test results.‎ Methods: This is a cross-sectional retrospective study conducted on the patients with ‎hyperthyroidism referred to Shahid Madani Hospital in Khorramabad. Data regarding the ‎biochemical analysis and RAIU test was collected from the records and a questionnaire ‎based on demographic and clinical information was completed for each patient.‎ Results: Of 137 patients presenting hyperthyroidism, 62.04% were presented with ‎Graves' disease, 24.08% with toxic multinodular goiter and 13.86% with toxic adenoma. ‎‎24-hour RAIU test showed that the percent of radioiodine uptake was most in toxic ‎adenoma 67.7%, Graves' disease 53.5% and multinodular goiter 39%, respectively. From ‎the age-based analysis, we found that Graves' was most common in 20-30 years old ‎individuals 34%, multinodular goiter in 50+ aged individuals 36.3% and toxic adenoma ‎was most prevalent in 30-40 and 50+ aged patients, 26.3% each. In our population of ‎interest, 81.8% toxic multinodular goiter patients were females.‎ Conclusions: Our study presents the outcome of RAIU tests in hyperthyroidism based on ‎the underlying pathologies. We also conclude, in light of other findings, Graves' disease is ‎the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in our population.‎ Keywords: Hyperthyroidism; RAIU test; graves' disease; pathology; thyroid scan; toxic ‎multinodular.‎

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