Mesenchymal stem cells improve survival in ischemic diabetic random skin flap via increased angiogenesis and VEGF expression

Chehelcheraghi, Farzaneh and Chien, Sufan and Bayat, Mohammad (2019) Mesenchymal stem cells improve survival in ischemic diabetic random skin flap via increased angiogenesis and VEGF expression. J Cell Biochem.

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Random skin flaps (RSFs) are cutaneous flaps. Despite the negative impact of diabetes mellitus (DM) on RSF viability, they are commonly used in diabetic patients. In this study, we have assessed bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMMSC) treatment on RSF survival, tensiometrical parameters, angiogenesis, and mast cells (MCs) count in an ischemic RSF model in rats with type 1 DM (T1DM). We induced T1DM in 30 Wistar adult male rats. The animals were assigned to three groups of 10 rats per group as follows: group 1 (control); group 2 (placebo), and group 3 (BMMSCs). A 30 × 80 mm RSF was created in each rat. On day 7, we measured the viable portion of each RSF. A sample was taken for histological and immunohistochemistry studies, fibroblasts, MCs, angiogenesis, collagen bundle density, and the presence of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)+ cells. An additional sample was taken to evaluate the flap's incision strength. Treatment with BMMSCs (17.8 ± 0.37) significantly increased RSF survival compared with the control (13.3 ± 0.35) and placebo (16.1 ± 0.27) groups (one-way analysis of variance, P = .000; least significant difference, P = .000, P = .002). There was a significant improvement in angiogenesis, as confirmed by stereologic examination. Assessment of VEGF+ cells showed prominent neovascularization in BMMSC-treated RSFs compared with the control and placebo groups. Subdermal injection of BMMSC significantly increased ischemic RSF survival as a result of stimulated neovascularization in T1DM rats. Treatment of diabetic RSF with BMMSCs showed no beneficial effects in the fibroblast number and biomechanical parameters for the repair of ischemic wounds in the rat model. Treatment with BMMSCs significantly increased collagen bundle density.

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