Single Nucleotide Variants Associated with Colorectal Cancer Among Iranian Patients: A Narrative Review

Jamshidi, Mohammad and Mohammadi Pour Mohammad, Somayeh and Mahmoudian-Sani, Mohammad-Reza (2020) Single Nucleotide Variants Associated with Colorectal Cancer Among Iranian Patients: A Narrative Review. Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine.


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Abstract: Colorectal cancer has been considered as one of the complicated multi-stage processes after adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Therefore, studies of the moleculardysregulation basiscouldpresentinformationontherecognitionofthepotentbiomarkersandtreatmenttargets forthisdisease.Eventhoughoutcomesofthepatientswithcolorectalcancerhavebeenimproved largelywithcurrentannualscreeningplans,itisnecessarytohavereliableprognosticbiomarkers becauseofthediseaseheterogeneity.ThereisasignificantrelationshipbetweenSNPinIL1RN* 2(IL1ra),−509C/T(TGFB1),rs11556218T>Gandrs4778889T/C(IL16),miRNA-bindingsite polymorphisms in IL16, rs4464148 (SMAD7), rs6983267 (EGF), GSTT1, TACG haplotype (CTLA4),1793G>A(MTHFR),Leu/Leugenotypeof(EXO1),−137G/C(IL18),C/Tgenotype (XRCC3), I3434T (XRCC7), MGMT, C3435T (MDR1), ff genotype of FokI, 677CT+TT (MTHFR), G2677T/A (MDR1) and CRC. Increased risk has been observed in VDR ApaI genotype “aa”. Finally, the protective effect has been explored in the TACA haplotype (CTLA4). According to the findings, the genetic polymorphisms in the immunity-associated genesarerelatedtotheCRCamongsttheIranianpatients.Therefore,morelarge-scalefunctional investigations are necessary for confirming the results. Keywords: single nucleotide polymorphisms, colorectal cancer, Iran, biomarker

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