Macrophage polarization in wound healing: role of aloe vera/chitosan nanohydrogel

Ashouri, Fatemeh and Beyranvand, Fatemeh and Beigi Boroujeni, Nasim and Tavafi, Majid and Sheikhian, Ali and Varzi, Ali Mohammad and Shahrokhi, Somayeh (2019) Macrophage polarization in wound healing: role of aloe vera/chitosan nanohydrogel. Drug Delivery and Translational Research.


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ThebalancebetweenM1andM2macrophagesplaysanimportantroleinwoundhealing.Interestingly,thisimmuneresponsecanbe modulated by natural biomaterials such as chitosan nanohydrogel (Ch) and aloe vera (AV). Therefore, we aimed to improve wound recovery response by exploiting the potential healing properties of Ch and AV. Wounds were created in rats and were treated daily witheithersaline(control),AV,Ch,ordifferentratiosofAV(volume):Ch(weight)(1:1),(2:1),and(3:1).M1(iNOS,TNF-α)andM2 (CD163,TGF-β)responseswereanalyzedatdays3,7,14,21,and28.Woundhealingincreasedwithinthethirdandseventhdaysin AV-Ch(3:1)(P<0.001and P<0.002,respectively).Inthetreatedgroups,immunohistochemistryofiNOSexpressiondecreasedon the third day (P<0.0001) while CD163 increased (P<0.0001) on the 3rd, 7th, and 14th days. The gene expression of TGF-β decreased on the third day in AV group (P<0.03) and on the 21st and 28th days in Ch-treated group (P<0.00). TNF-α expression decreased in AV, Ch, and AV-Ch (3:1 v/w) on the 14th and 28th days (P<0.00).TGF-β and TNF-αproteins decreased on the 28th daycomparedtothecontrolandAV-Ch(3:1 v/w),respectively.AV-Ch(1and3:1 v/w)andChresultedinoptimumwoundrepairby decreasing M1 after 3 days and increasing M2 after 14. Thus, Ch nanohydrogel, especially in combination with 1:1 and 1:3 ratio to AV, could be a proper candidate for modulating macrophages in response to wound healing. Keywords Aloevera .Chitosan .Macrophage .Nanohydrogel .Wound

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