Use of metal-organic framework to remove chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions

Noraee, Zahra and Jafari, Ali and Ghaderpoori, Mansour and Kamarehie, Bahram and Ghaderpoury, Afshin (2020) Use of metal-organic framework to remove chromium (VI) from aqueous solutions. Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering.


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Abstract Chromium is one of the heavy metals found in industrial wastewaters, which have highly toxic to human beings and the environment. Exposure with it may cause some hazard diseases including stomach ulcers, liver, vomiting, kidney and nerve tissuedamage,cancerinthelungs,andeventuallydeath.ThemainobjectiveofthisstudywastoevaluatetheefficiencyofUio-66 and ZIF-8 in removing chromium from aqueous solutions. For the synthesis of Uio-66 and ZIF-8, hydrothermal and sol-gel methods were used, respectively. The prepared Uio-66and ZIF-8 were identified byFTIR, XRD, FE-SEM, EDX, and BET. All experiments were done in batch conditions. Uio-66 and ZIF-8 efficiency for chromium adsorption from aqueous solutions were investigatedbyvariableslikeinitialconcentration(10–200mg/l),pH(3to11),Uio-66andZIF-8dosage(0.2to1g/l)andcontact time(45 min). TheFE-SEMimageshowedthatthe sizes ofUio-66 crystalswerebetween 140 and280 nm. Thespecificsurface area and total porevolume ofthe preparedUio-66 and ZIF-8were800 m2/g, 0.45m3/g, 1050m2/g, and 0.57m3/g, respectively. Theresultsshowchromiumadsorptionhasincreasedinacidconditions.EquilibriumdosageforUio-66andZIF-8was0.4g/land 0.6 g/l, respectively. Adsorption equilibrium was performed after 60 min and after this time, chromium adsorption did not significantly change. The study results showed that the experimental data obtained fitted with kinetic model pseudo-orderreaction and isotherm model of Langmuir. Keywords Chromium .Uio-66 .ZIF-8 .Drinkingwater .Adsorption

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