Health risk assessment of heavy metals in cosmetic products sold in Iran: the Monte Carlo simulation

Ghaderpoori, Mansour and Kamarehie, Bahram and Jafari, Ali and Alinejad, Abdol Azim and Hashempour, Yalda and Saghi, Mohammad Hossein (2019) Health risk assessment of heavy metals in cosmetic products sold in Iran: the Monte Carlo simulation. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.


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Cosmeticscancontainharmfulcompoundssuchasheavymetals.Severalmetalshaveacumulativeeffectonthebody,especially fatty tissues, and may have different health effects on the human body over the long term. Therefore, the main objective of this studywas toassessthe healthrisksofheavy metalsincosmetics inIran. Also, inthisstudy, Monte Carlo simulationwas usedto investigate uncertainties. In thisstudy, heavy metals dataof cosmetics were extracted from studies carried out at intervals 2010– 2018. International and Iranian databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, Springer, Science Direct, PubMed, Scopus, Irandoc, Magiran, Scientific Information Database (SID), and Information Institute for Scientific (ISC) were searched for this purpose. In this study, the index of the Margin of Safety was calculated to determine the risk of human contact with metallic impuritiesincosmeticproductsusedbyhumans.Intheselectedperiod,11studieswereconductedonthemeasurementofheavy metalsincosmeticsinIran.Inthesestudies,cosmeticssuchaseyeshadow,eyepencil,powder,cream,andlipstickwerestudied. The Margin of Safety (MoS) values calculated for different metals were higher than the established safe standard by WHO. The highest and lowest amount of systemic exposure dosage in all types of cosmetic investigated (lipstick, cream, eye pencil, face powder, and eye shadow) was related to Fe and Hg. The meanhazardous quotient (HQ)for Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu, Mn, Zn, Pb, and Hg was1.05E-03,1.03E-01,7.95E-03,2.59E-03,1.05E-03,4.98E-03,7.22E-04,1.85E-01,and1.35E-05,respectively.Thehighest HQ (6.10E-01) was found for Pb, which was observed in the cream. Keywords Healthriskassessment .Heavymetals .Cosmetic .MonteCarlosimulation

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