%XUGHQ�RI�0DODULD�LQ�,UDQ������±������)LQGLQJV�IURP�WKH�*OREDO� Burden of Disease Study 2010

Badirzadeh, Alireza and Naderimagham, Shohreh and Asadgol, Zahra and Mokhayeri, Yaser and Khosravi, Azin and Tohidnejad, Elham and Vosoogh-Moghaddam, Abbas and Khoshdel, Ali and Rezaei, Nazila and Kompani, Farzad (2016) %XUGHQ�RI�0DODULD�LQ�,UDQ������±������)LQGLQJV�IURP�WKH�*OREDO� Burden of Disease Study 2010. Archives of Iranian Medicine, 19 (4).


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Abstract Background: Malaria is a major public health challenge in tropical and semi-tropical countries in terms of high morbidity and mortality. The present study aimed to report the burden of malaria in Iran, extracted from the global burden of disease 2010 study (GBD 2010) covering WKH�SHULRG������WR�������WR�FRPSDUH�WKHVH�¿QGLQJV�ZLWK�VLPLODU�UHVXOWV��DQG�WR�SUHVHQW�VRPH�UHFRPPHQGDWLRQV�DV�SRWHQWLDO�VROXWLRQV�IRU� gaining more accurate estimations regarding the burden of the disease in Iran. Methods: Data covering the period from 1990 to 2010 were derived from the GBD 2010, which is published by the Institute for Health 0HWULFV�DQG�(YDOXDWLRQ��,+0(���7KH�¿QGLQJV�ZHUH�XVHG�WR�HVWLPDWH�WKH�\HDUV�OLYHG�ZLWK�GLVDELOLW\��</'V���WKH�\HDUV�RI�OLIH�ORVW��<//V���WKH� GLVDELOLW\�DGMXVWHG�OLIH�\HDUV��'$/<V���DQG�WKH�GHDWK�UDWH�RI�PDODULD�LQ�,UDQ� Results: 7KH�*%'������HVWLPDWHG�WKDW�WKHUH�ZDV�D�VKDUS�GHFOLQLQJ�GHDWK�WUHQG�ZLWK�UHJDUG�WR�'$/<V�DQG�GHDWK�UDWH��VKRZLQJ�WKDW� ���������'$/<V�ZHUH�GXH�WR�PDODULD�LQ�,UDQLDQ�SHRSOH�RI�DOO�DJHV�DQG�ERWK�JHQGHUV��DQG�WKDW�'$/<V�SHU���������LQGLYLGXDOV�GHFOLQHG�IURP� 37.15 in 1990 to 5.87 in 2010. The total number of malaria deaths over the 20 years was 73.37. Conclusion: 7KH�¿QGLQJV�UHYHDOHG�WKDW�WKH�EXUGHQ�RI�PDODULD�GHFUHDVHG�UHPDUNDEO\�EHWZHHQ������DQG�������7KH�H[SODQDWLRQ�IRU�WKLV� decrease is the establishment of a malaria surveillance system in various parts of Iran, and utilization of proper intervention and the improvement of infrastructures, which play a role in disease transmission, especially in endemic areas

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