The Effect of CuO Nanoparticles on Antimicrobial Effects and Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Adhesives.

Toodehzaeim, MH and Zandi, H and Meshkani, H and Hosseinzadeh Firouzabadi, A (2018) The Effect of CuO Nanoparticles on Antimicrobial Effects and Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Adhesives. J Dent (Shiraz), 19. pp. 1-5.


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Abstract Statement of the Problem: Orthodontic appliances facilitate microbial plaque accumulation and increase the chance of white spot lesions. There is a need for new plaque control methods independent of patient's cooperation. Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine the effects of incorporating copper oxide (CuO) nanoparticles on antimicrobial properties and bond strength of orthodontic adhesive. Materials and Method: CuO nanoparticles were added to the composite transbond XT at concentrations of 0.01, 0.5 and 1 wt.%. To evaluate the antimicrobial properties of composites containing nanoparticles, the disk agar diffusion test was used. For this purpose, 10 discs from each concentration of nano-composites (totally 30 discs) and 10 discs from conventional composite (as the control group) were prepared. Then the diameter of streptococcus mutans growth inhibition around each disc was determined in blood agar medium. To evaluate the shear bond strength, with each concentration of nano-composites as well as the control group (conventional composite), 10 metal brackets were bonded to the human premolars and shear bond strength was determined using a universal testing machine. Results: Nano-composites in all three concentrations showed significant antimicrobial effect compared to the control group (p< 0.001). With increasing concentration of nanoparticles, antimicrobial effect showed an upward trend, although statistically was not significant. There was no significant difference between the shear bond strength of nano-composites compared to control group (p= 0.695). Conclusion: Incorporating CuO nanoparticles into adhesive in all three studied concentrations added antimicrobial effects to the adhesive with no adverse effects on shear bond strength. KEYWORDS: Antibacterial Effect ; Orthodontic Adhesive ; Shear Bond Strength ; Streptococcus Mutans; Nanoparticles

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