Paediatric nanofibrous bioprosthetic heart valve

Namdari, Mehrdad and Negahdari, Babak and Eatemadi, Ali (2017) Paediatric nanofibrous bioprosthetic heart valve. IET NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY, 11. pp. 493-500. ISSN 1751-8741

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The search for an optimal aortic valve implant with durability, calcification resistance, excellent haemodynamic parameters and ability to withstand mechanical loading is yet to be met. Thus, there has been struggled to fabricate bio-prosthetics heart valve using bioengineering. The consequential product must be resilient with suitable mechanical features, biocompatible and possess the capacity to grow. Defective heart valves replacement by surgery is now common, this improves the value and survival of life for a lot of patients. The recent paediatric heart valve implant is suboptimal due to their inability of somatic growth. They usually have multiple surgeries to change outgrown valves. Short-lived valve bio-prostheses occurring in older patients and younger ones who more usually need the replacement of its damaged heart with prosthesis led to a new invasive surgical interventions with an improved quality of life. The authors propose that nanofibre scaffold for paediatric tissue-engineered heart valve will meet most of these conditions, most particularly those related to somatic growth, and, as the nanofibre scaffold is eroded, new valve is produced, the valve matures in the child until adulthood. Keywords Author Keywords:paediatrics; nanofibres; nanomedicine; biomedical materials; cardiology; prosthetics; nanofabrication; haemodynamics; durability; surgery; tissue engineering; paediatric nanofibrous bioprosthetic heart valve; optimal aortic valve implant; durability; calcification resistance; haemodynamic parameters; mechanical loading; bioengineering; mechanical features; biocompatibility; defective heart valves replacement; somatic growth; short-lived valve bioprostheses; invasive surgical interventions; nanofibre scaffold; paediatric tissue-engineered heart valve KeyWords Plus:AORTIC-VALVE; DRUG-DELIVERY; STEM-CELLS; ALPHA-GAL; MOLECULAR ARCHITECTURE; CLINICAL-TRIAL; VASCULAR CELLS; STROMAL CELLS; TISSUE; SCAFFOLDS

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