In vitro Protoscolicidal Effects of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Essential Oil and Its Toxicity in Mice

Mahmoudvand, Hossein and Mahmoudvand, Hormoz and Oliaee, Razieh Tavakoli and Kareshk, Amir Tavakoli and Mirbadie, Seyed Reza and Aflatoonian, Mohammad Reza (2017) In vitro Protoscolicidal Effects of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Essential Oil and Its Toxicity in Mice. PHARMACOGNOSY MAGAZINE, 13. S652-S657. ISSN 0973-1296

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Background: This study investigates the scolicidal effects of Cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil against the protoscoleces of hydatid cysts and its toxicity in the mice model. Materials and Methods: Gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy analyses were used to identify the constituents of essential oil. Protoscoleces were treated with different concentrations of the essential oil (6.25-100 mu L/mL) in each test tube for 5-30 min. The viability of protoscoleces was confirmed using eosin exclusion test (0.1% eosin staining). Forty-eight male NMRI mice were also used to determine the toxicity of C. zeylanicum essential oil (0.5-4 mL/kg). Results: The main components were found to be cinnamaldehyde (91.8%),. metoxicinamate (1.57%), and a pinene (1.25%). Findings indicate that C. zeylanicum essential oil with the concentrations of 100 and 50 mu L/mL killed 100% of protoscoleces after 5 min of exposure. Also, the lower concentrations of C. zeylanicum essential oil motivated a late protoscolicidal effect. The LD50 value of intraperitoneal injection of C. zeylanicum essential oil was 2.07 mL/kg body weight after 48 h, and the maximum nonfatal dose was 1.52 mL/kg body weight. The results also showed that there was no significant toxicity following oral administration of C. zeylanicum essential oil for 2 weeks. Conclusion: The results exhibited the favorable scolicidal activity of C. zeylanicum, which could be applied as a natural scolicidal agent in hydatid cyst surgery. Keywords Author Keywords:Cystic echinococcosis; gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy; hydatid cyst; protoscoleces KeyWords Plus:INACTIVATE PROTOSCOLECES; METHANOLIC EXTRACT; HYDATID CYSTS; SEED; ECHINOCOCCOSIS; MECHANISMS; PRODUCTS; EFFICACY; SAFETY; MODEL

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